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Ar. Bhuvan Kapila

Founder and Principal Architect
Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture (WMA)

About Ar. Bhuvan Kapila

Ar. Bhuvan Kapila, an architect and an avid explorer of the world, draws inspiration from his global encounters to fuel his passion for design. With a keen eye for detail, he envisions spaces beyond the ordinary, embracing flow, volumes and intricate features. After graduating from the TVB School of Habitat Studies, he immersed himself in architectural knowledge & industry trends. Transitioning to entrepreneurship was a challenge, but his talent and individuality propelled him forward, founding Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture (WMA). WMA thrives on design excellence and construction sophistication, fostering a collaborative environment for innovative creations. Bhuvan’s philosophy centres on human interaction with space, context and cultural influences, resulting in meaningful designs. This ideology in thought and design has garnered the firm strong recognition in esteemed publications, solidifying its position in the industry. With a resolute commitment to contextual design and sustainability, Bhuvan Kapila paves the way for continued success in crafting remarkable spaces for his design firm, WMA.

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