Ar. Janani Suresh and Goutham D. M.

Architect & Co-Founder, Founder & Principal Architect

Janani Suresh is an architect & independent researcher. She is passionate about sustainable architectural systems having studied Sustainable architecture from NPTEL- IIT Roorkee. Through her professional career of eight years in the industry of architecture, she has worked on various research projects on alternative design and inclusive urbanism.

Ar. Goutham is the founder and principal architect at Mud Hands Architects, Bengaluru. As an architect, civil engineer and archipreneur, he has worked in integrating alternative building technology and design into the urban context. He specializes in employing technological interventions to improve the efficiency of building systems. He has mentored many students through teaching, internships, and knowledge- sharing workshops across the country.

Articles By Ar. Janani Suresh and Goutham D. M.