Ar. Nitin Gupta


Nitin Gupta graduated from the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi in 1992. In his journey of the last 30 years in the profession, he has played various roles in the planning, design and construction of multiple projects of building design, interior design, campus and township designs, and urban environment design. Nitin gives major credit for his professional growth to his principal Ar. Ramesh Khosla and all his other partners at Arcop. Nitin has designed a number of real estate projects in Noida and the north Indian region, innovating with each new project to add design value in a unique way. Hotels, sports and cultural complexes, educational schools and higher education campuses, and various building types have been designed and got executed by Nitin in the past. Nitin led the design team of various prestigious iconic public buildings like IAS Academy, Lucknow, the recently completed Police Headquarters (Hyderabad), WTC(Guwahati), Image Tower (Hyderabad), and many more. He has also designed one of the most hi-tech digital museums of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Nagar. Each new project is a fresh new intellectual challenge for Nitin, the challenge to conserve the environment being the most important and daunting. In the last couple of years, he has got involved in various urban environment initiatives. Nitin is leading the street-scaping of 300 km of PWD roads in Delhi. Presently, Nitin is involved in improving the water environment of Delhi, starting from Mega Vertical Water Treatment plants, to the redevelopment of storm-water drains of Delhi and Najafgarh for water cleaning and waterfront development.

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