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Ashish Batra

Principal Designer and Founding Partner

About Ashish Batra

Ashish, a graduate of DCRUST, Murthal in Haryana. With an unwavering passion for crafting timeless & distinctive structures that harmonise with their surroundings and culture while accommodating change and growth, he embarked on a journey to create his own mark in the architectural realm. After gaining valuable experience at a prominent firm in Delhi NCR, Arvind Vivek & Associates, where he contributed for three years, Ashish ventured to establish his own design practice in Gurgaon. With over a decade of diverse experience, Ashish constantly pursues his vision and fosters innovation in every project he undertakes. His expertise lies in project leadership, encompassing architectural detailing, strategic planning, and comprehensive design solutions. His architectural concepts & designs not only reflect his technical prowess but also serve as an extension of his own character. Beyond the realm of planning and designing spaces, Ashish channels his creative energy into other artistic pursuits. Whether he is crafting melodies with his instruments, engaging in sketching endeavours, or immersing himself in various forms of art, he exemplifies a multifaceted individual dedicated to the pursuit of aesthetic excellence.

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