Donel Dippi

Head of Technical and Compliance

Donel Dippi, Head of Technical and Compliance for Siderise Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific, is an experienced stakeholder-focused Technical Engineer who specialises in passive fire protection and acoustic solutions for the façades of buildings.

\With a deep understanding of testing, certification, compliance, and regulatory codes, he helps architects, façade consultants, contractors, developers, and fire and rescue services navigate the complexities of fire safety in both the new construction and retrofitting of buildings, whilst giving guidance on where there is scope for improving performance levels.

Donel is an advocate of best practice in testing, design, installation inspection, and auditing and firmly believes that this principle should guide all our actions. He takes great pride in encouraging developing countries to avoid repeating the mistakes of others by adopting standards and practices that promote safer buildings to allow their people to live, work, learn, play, and worship with peace of mind – “doing the right thing today is one step closer to protecting the people of tomorrow”.

Articles By Donel Dippi