Mahesh Ramanujam

President and CEO U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

As President and CEO of USGBC, GBCI, and Arc, Mahesh leads millions of green builders in transforming green building standards to ensure public health, equity, and environmental sustainability in communities across the country. Driven by his belief in a brighter future, Ramanujam is an experienced and enthusiastic thought leader, paving the way for better buildings, communities, and cities. Known for his optimism and out-of-the-box innovation, Mahesh couples an extensive background in technology with his goal of democratizing sustainable living to ensure an equitable future where public health and a strong economy are complementary, not competitive.

Through USGBC, Mahesh was at the helm of the LEED certification program, setting the gold standard for green building credentials. Always looking ahead, Mahesh now focuses on advising investments to mitigate climate change, with a passion for the built environment.

In his interview with WFM Media, Mahesh Ramanujam talks about his role as President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council USGBc’s role in ratings and certification of buildings, and much more.

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