Niket Sunil Upase

Founder Architect

Niket Sunil Upase is the Founder Architect of the design firm Ahamasmi Architect, and is affiliated to Council of Architecture, Indian BIM Forum and Association of Designers of India. Upase believes that architectural designing should be always people centric. The firm designs residential, institutional and commercial spaces ranging from 500 – 1,00,000+ Sq ft building footprint area with economical and innovative thoughtful architectural solution in adherence to Vaastu principles, offering urban planning, architectural and interior design solutions. Ar Niket Sunil Upase is open to work for oversea projects for architectural design and BIM related services and also provides architectural design and execution of works. The firm, Ahamasmi Architect, has expertise in BIM (architectural and MEP revit) outsourcing services too.

Articles By Niket Sunil Upase