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Pradeep Barpande

Ecogreen Landscape Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

About Pradeep Barpande

Pradeep Barpande started his venture into greenery back in 1986. Pradeep has over 30 years of expertise in the nursery, soft-scape, large tree transplantation, soil reclamation, soil stabilisation, light weight gardening, green roofs, vertical gardens, sensor-based automation of irrigation with remote monitoring, high-rise greenery, urban farming and now vertical farming.

Pradeep and Anuradha Barpande are the directors of Ecogreen Landscape Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, which specialises in the field of research, experiment, development, manufacturing, growing, installing and maintaining of vertical gardening systems & non-conventional greeneries.

Currently, they are working in India, Malaysia, Bahrain and export their products to a few more countries. façades 

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