Rajkumar Kumawat

Founder & Principal Architect,

Rajkumar Architects, founded by Rajkumar Kumawat has decades of expertise cultivated at Design Square Architects. He stands as a symbol of innovation and excellence in the architectural sphere., the architect’s seasoned experience enriches the firm’s foundation, guiding a vision that seamlessly merges creativity and functionality to craft truly inspiring spaces, continuing a legacy of excellence in architectural innovation.

The firm specialises in bespoke environments that uniquely reflect the personalities of inhabitants. Rajkumar Architects focuses on luxury residential projects. The firm’s philosophy revolves around keen attention to detail, emphasizing volume, scale, and materiality to create a thoughtful design. Rajkumar Architects continues to redefine contemporary architectural paradigms, offering a blend of creativity and functionality that leaves a lasting impression.

Articles By Rajkumar Kumawat