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Sajid Raza

CEO & Vice President
Butler Engineering – The Fire Consultants

About Sajid Raza

Sajid Raza is the CEO & Vice President of Butler Engineering. A Mechanical Engineer and MBA with over 20 years of rich experience, Sajid has a sound track record in the field of Fire Protection and Life Safety. Under his leadership, Butler Fire Consulting provides a wide range of services including fire engineering, code consulting, loss control, special inspections & quality management, and training & education. Sajid’s current portfolio includes active association with ASTM, FCIA, NFPA, IAS, FM, and UL. In addition, he is member of FCIA Standards Committee, IAS Technical Advisory Council, UL Standards Technical Panel, and UAE Fire Code Council. As member of UAE Code Council and chairman of its various subcommittees, Sajid has provided a unique dimension to the first chapter ‘Rated Construction’ covering Perimeter Protection.

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