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Sanjeev Rawat

Managing Director
Illustrious Technologies

About Sanjeev Rawat

Sanjeev Rawat is a distinguished individual with a remarkable background. Armed with a B.Tech in Electronics and an MBA from the prestigious IIT Roorkee, Sanjeev has amassed over 18 years of expertise in various domains including R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, Business Development, Digital Transformation, and Business Strategy. Throughout his career, he has garnered invaluable experience working with renowned multinational corporations such as Toshiba Lighting Corporation and Alcatel Lucent. Presently, as the Managing Director of his brainchild, ILLUSTRIOUS Technologies, Sanjeev spearheads the design, manufacturing, and sales of world-class lighting products. His commitment to excellence and passion for innovation has positioned ILLUSTRIOUS as an industry leader. Connect with Sanjeev via his company website at or reach out to him personally via email at or

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