AR. Raman Shukla & AR. Anjali Shukla

Principle Designers

STUDIO 9491 is an architecture and interior design firm set up in 1997 by Principle Designers Raman Shukla and Anjali Shukla – both alumni of CEPT Ahmedabad. They carry forward a strong and clear design intent which focusses on design as a craft. Whether it is spaces or material, the focus remains on understanding how a built environment speaks of the people and to the people.

No boundaries ever drawn on the scale or type of project, it is the variety in just these two things that has always kept the spark alive. A boutique firm, the scale of office has helped in sticking to the core essence of what the firm stands for – crafting, which demands individual attention on every little detail. They are passionate about working on every little thing that has made the firm a “teaching office” for fresh graduates who have always been part of the team.

From offices, hospitals, large retail outlets, hotels and hospitality projects, to designing a small home, it is the passion for the craft that is sacrosanct.

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