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Sunando Dasgupta

Founder and Principal Architect
Sunando Dasgupta and Associates

About Sunando Dasgupta

Sunando Dasgupta made his own path in contemporary Indian architecture and is renowned in his native State and pan India. He is emerging as a brand architect for Science Museums. He has designed two iconic science city projects apart from several other state and district level science centers. After completing his graduation in architecture from Bengal Engineering College in 1981, he worked under many reputed Architects in Delhi, before starting his own firm in 1991i. Sunando Dasgupta ‘s career took a sudden upswing with the design of a Science Museum near Mangalore. His projects exult irresistible sensuality and sheer pleasure when it comes to integrating built-up forms, surrounding topography, environment, landscapes and people. All his building designs seem to yearn for a rediscovery of the architectural ethos of the pure modernist movement.

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