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Vikram Rajashekar Narendra Pirgal & Smaran Mallesh

Co-Founders & Principal Architects, Cadence Architects

About Vikram Rajashekar Narendra Pirgal & Smaran Mallesh

Founded in 2005 in Bangalore, as a collaborative practice by the three principal architects, Smaran Mallesh, Vikram Rajshekar and Narendra Pirgal, the Cadence studio comprises a young, individualistic team of architects, all of who are interested in architecture within a larger academic context. Spearheading design, Smaran Mallesh has over 15 years of experience in architecture and interior design across diverse scales and typologies. Narendra Pirgal facilitates communication between the clients, team members and consultants, and ensuring design management and delivery. Pirgal ensures the success of every project at the Cadence studio. Vikram Rajashekhar brings technological insight and domain expertise into the architectural and interior design services at the studio.

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