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Yatin Patel

Founder Director
DSP Design Associates

About Yatin Patel

Yatin Patel- Founder Director- DSP Design Associates laid its foundation 3 decades ago, leading it to its long standing global conceit. With the forethought to minister the domain with a nation-wide service capability, DSP Design operates through multi-disciplinary studios across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Gurugram and Hyderabad with projects accomplished in over 40 cities. The organization services various segments including high density residential, corporate & commercial real estate, hospitality ventures, industrial, retail and education for design solutions.

DSP Design has been awarded with over 70 national and international honors . Architect Yatin Patel’s contribution to the world of architecture and design has been exemplary. Having been the architectural mind behind some of the finest buildings in India, Ar. Patel leads his firm to tread on the path of architectural excellence. WFM met Architect Yatin Patel for a roving conversation about his journey as an architect, his practice and approach to sustainability in design, trends and innovations in building façades, and much more.

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