Gone are the days when stone, clay bricks, composite panels were the only options to look at for c

Pune’s building elite come…

20th September, Pune : After the 1st highly successful edition in Bangalore, Zak – World of Wind

New Delhi ‘s first…

Event Location : Zak World of Façades held on the 30th of June at Taj Palace in New Delhi The 6th

Bangalore’s rendezvous with Windows

Event Location : ZAK world of Windows 5th July, Bangalore 5th July, Bangalore : The 1st ever conf

Indian facade industry’s power…

Event Location : Zak World of Façades held on the 14th of June at Taj Coromandel in Chennai The 5t

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Commitment and Window Installed!

Commitmentand Windows came together, yes quite literally! Saturday 28th June, morning in Gurgaon

High Performance Laminated Glass…

Abstract Structural analysis of laminated glass has evolved significantly in recent years. However,

What Role Can Façade…

Typical building façades require the design team to strike the right balance between a host of para

Facade Testing Procedure –…

Introduction: Windows and curtain walls generally represent as much as 50% to 100% of the exterior

ETFE – The trending…

Ayca With over 12 years’ extensive experience in architectural façade industry, Ayca is the se

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Battle of Systems

Since the time immemorial there have been endless discussion and debates on the system to be used fo


In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design standpoin

Understanding Pre-Treatment – The…

Extruded aluminium is the material of choice for the countless applications and architecture accou