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How the right fenestration solutions can combat all kinds of pollution

By: Saket Jain, Fenesta Building Systems (a unit of DCM Shriram Ltd.)

Today, pollution has emerged as a perennial problem in almost all cities worldwide. Consequently, whether people are outdoors or indoors, pollution affects everyone due to rising pollutants in the ambient air, more so in urban areas.

In the current context, air pollution is not the sole issue. Noise pollution can also impact the health of residents within their homes or offices. What’s more, harmful pollutants may include dust and other allergens. But the right brand of high-quality windows and doors can ascertain that air and sound pollution are either eliminated or kept to the bare minimum.

Old, worn-out, damaged windows and doors are the main reason why hazardous pollutants gain entry inside the premises, compromising the health of inhabitants. Moreover, inadequate insulation within homes reduces energy efficiency, in turn inflating the monthly electricity bills.

Salient Features of uPVC and Aluminium

In such situations, the best countermeasure is to make sure there are no air leaks through the windows and doors, particularly for those made of wood. Against this backdrop, the ideal way to transform the home into a safe haven for oneself and one’s family members is by installing uPVC and aluminium doors and windows that provide almost fool-proof insulation. Backed by accurate architectural dimensions, high-performance fenestration solutions can safeguard homes from wind, rain, heat, dust and noise as well as air pollution while also ensuring homes are secured against intruders.

Products from leading fenestration brands come with complete, customised, end-to-end solutions, including survey, designing, manufacturing, delivery, installation and aftersales services. The one-time investment in high-quality fenestration products is soon recovered through the long-lasting protection and peace of mind they offer customers and their family members.

Some of the varied benefits against external and environmental threats comprise:

Protection against air pollution:

Unlike conventional windows and doors, uPVC and aluminium windows and doors are made by using advanced sealing technology. As a result, there are no air gaps for pollutants to enter, which can pose a threat, especially for infants, the elderly and those suffering from health issues. Advanced sealing is done via high-quality sealants and gaskets as well as double-sealing features that protect people from environmental pollutants.

Greater energy efficiency:

Modern aluminium and uPVC windows and doors can be equipped with double or triple-insulated glass, which offers diverse benefits such as high durability, heat resistance and soundproofing. Additionally, these fixtures are extremely energy efficient as multiple glass panes used in such windows and doors are separated by an inert gas. Furthermore, issues such as infrared heat energy movement through the glass are minimised due to the augmented performance and improve the energy efficiency of these windows and doors.

Curbing noise pollution:

Sometimes, enjoying a good night’s rest becomes impossible if the home is situated in a zone (such as airports or railway stations) with high noise pollution. Thanks to perfectly installed high-quality uPVC & Aluminium windows and doors, however, people can sleep peacefully due to their superior sound reduction properties that block external noise more effectively than traditional fenestration products.

Enhanced safety:

High-quality uPVC and aluminium windows come with major safety features such as a multipoint locking system. Besides providing efficient insulation through proper closing of the windows and doors, these also help in improving the safety of your space.

Extra comfort:

Since these high-quality fenestration products are equipped with advanced insulation features, unwanted drafts of hot or cold air are kept out of homes. This makes sure the family is cosy and comfortable during summers and winters as the indoor room temperature remains insulated from external heat or cold.

Additional Advantages of Quality Fenestration Products

Other characteristics that put uPVC and aluminium solutions in a distinct class include:

Fusion welding

The factory-made products come with multi-chamber profiles and fusion welding of joints to boost overall sealing.

Silicone sealant

A special silicone sealant plugs all gaps between windows and doors units and the wall.

Double sealing

The double seals and multiple-point locking systems ascertain casement and slider windows and doors remain tightly shut to prevent incursion of external noise.

Laminated glass

To eliminate any chance of unwanted noise entering and for added safety of your space, the products can be fitted with either laminated or double-glazed laminated glass.

Finally, modern fenestration solutions offer more than the above advantages. Other benefits include longevity and low maintenance costs. When used in buildings, these modern fenestration solutions can withstand wind speeds of up to 250 km per hour, making them truly tough and long-lasting. All these characteristics mean that the upfront investment in uPVC and aluminium fenestration solutions can be recovered within a few years.

Saket Jain, Fenesta Building Systems (a unit of DCM Shriram Ltd.)

Business Head

Saket Jain heads the business unit at Fenesta, one of India’s leading companies providing windows and doors in India. Under his able leadership, Fenesta, a division of DCM Shriram Limited, has substantiated its competence with more than 3,50,000 windows and doors installation across homes, colleges, hospitals and hotels. Saket Jain joined DCM Shriram in 1999 and held various positions. He has immensely contributed to the business by streamlining the processes and expanding retail growth. His expertise, leadership skills, futuristic vision, great interpersonal skills, and guidance have paved a path of growth for every employee at Fenesta.

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