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Foster + Partners Wins the Competition the New Xicen Science & Technology Centre


Architecture practice Foster + Partners has won the competition to design the Xicen Science and Technology Center, located between Shanghai and Huzhou in China. Through a mixed-use program that mixes spaces for living, working, and visiting, in addition to the Xicen Science and Technology Center, taking as an example the historic aquatic cities of the region, and seeking to create a low-impact riverside community by integrating the new waterways and the pre-existing ones.

Foster + Partners wins the competitionFoster + Partners project program features a cultural center, a learning center, a theater, and an exhibition space, as well as offices, and commercial and residential areas.

Running through the center of the development from north to south, a water street lined with cafes, shops, and restaurants that enliven the urban environment, directs people towards the cultural center and its adjacent green plaza. The project offers a variety of outdoor public spaces and makes the most of the river, with pontoons, floating tea houses and paddling areas.

The project conserves existing wetlands and incorporates sponge city strategies to retain rainwater. Water and vegetation are also used to cool the development during the warmer summer months. The development aims to achieve a 2-star “China Green Building” rating, while the cultural center aims for a 3-star rating. The project will be evaluated according to China’s eco-district standard.

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