Aishwarya Khurana

Architect & Writer

Aishwarya Khurana is an architect and architecture writer who has been working passionately as both, for the past two years. Graduated from the prestigious Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, she has worked for several design firms and creative publications. Currently working in Nagpur as an architect in a multinational firm called Base4, known for hotel and modular designs, she has also worked as an architect at Ashok Mokha Architects, Nagpur for over a year. Aishwarya Khurana has worked on several projects like bungalows, hospitals, hotels, auditorium and residential buildings. Also working as a freelancing writer, she believes that architecture write-ups and articles help one to keep up with architectural trends, expands one’s knowledge immensely and helps inspire architects and designers.

Articles By Aishwarya Khurana