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Ar. Hafeez Contractor

Founder and Principal Architect
Architect Hafeez Contractor

About Ar. Hafeez Contractor

Ar. Hafeez Contractor’s creative brain has churned out numerous incredible designs – be it for elaborate corporate campuses for technology giants like Infosys or Microsoft or the luxurious houses for builders like DLF or Hiranandani – all these creations certainly bears the architect’s signature flamboyance.

He is more like a luxury brand. His designs for the Imperial Towers I and II that defines the Mumbai horizon, 23 Marina in Dubai (the tallest residential buildings in the world), many stadiums, institutional buildings, swanky shopping malls and majestic airports are awe-inspiring.

The builders love to highlight the starchitect’s name in their project’s billboards, so that their ventures are endorsed better and give an upper hand over their competitors. In a candid interview with WFM, Ar. Hafeez Contractor discusses his firm’s modernistic approach to sustainability, vision for the future building materials and designs, concerns regarding the future cities and the right approach to design them. Above are the excerpts from an exclusive interview with Ar. Hafeez Contractor.

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