AR. Hiren Patel

Founder & Principal Architect,

Hiren Patel is an architect, interior and landscape designer known for his innovative designs that are in harmony with man, nature and materials. He has gone through several ups and downs in his 27 years of experience in this industry. But he still wakes up every morning determined to take any challenge head on. His philosophies include minimalism, exclusivity and sustainability, which are the essence of architecture. His eagerness to learn reflects in his persona as he takes pride in embracing change as he believes that it is the only constant in life. Hiren is also a vivid painter and makes big watercolour paintings inspired by landscapes. He is a teacher, mentor, friend and confidant to everyone who crosses paths with him. Ar. Hiren Patel talks about his design firm, his projects, his design principles and much more in a candid interview with Window and Façade Magazine (WFM).

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