Ar. Ravideep Singh

Associate Director

Ravideep Singh is the Associate Director at Creative Designer Architects (CDA), a New Delhi-based architecture firm that has helmed notable projects of diverse typologies across Asia. An alumnus of the University of Illinois U.C, School of Architecture, Ravideep has earned a specialisation in ‘Healthcare Planning’ from Cornell University, NY. At CDA, he has conceptualised several award-winning healthcare infrastructure projects including AIIMS Guwahati, Pragma Medical Institute at Bathinda amongst others. Ravideep strongly believes in the communicative power of design — the ability of empathetically-designed spaces to create uplifting sensory experiences for its inhabitants. He was also recently recognised as the New Age Trailblazer, iGen 2021 by Architect & Interiors India.

Articles By Ar. Ravideep Singh