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Ashok Kr Bhaiya

Owner and CMD

About Ashok Kr Bhaiya

Ashok Kr Bhaiya, Owner and CMD, Aludecor Lamination Pvt. Ltd. shaped India’s ACP industry in ways that will echo through time. Aludecor stands as a testament to a company that harnessed audacious concepts, coupled with ingenious craftsmanship, and brought them to life. In an era when established norms prevailed, Bhaiya set his sights on the uncharted, reaching out to a generation yet untapped.

While others adhered to the norm, Bhaiya envisioned a different path, a path where ACP was not just a product but a symbol of sophistication and innovation. He steered his vision towards the unconventional, introducing ACP to a nation unaccustomed to its potential. Establishing facilities that married production excellence with futuristic technology, he fuelled the transformation of the industry.

Leading Aludecor, he embraced many first-mover advantages to revolutionise the industry. Ashok’s journey is punctuated by a series of unprecedented achievements, reflecting his unyielding commitment to innovation. These pioneering feats, realised under his able leadership, resonate as a testament to Aludecor’s role in shaping the industry’s trajectory. His journey is a testament to how seemingly outlandish ideas – like ACP in a world of conventional materials – can take root and flourish.

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