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Eloise Sok-Paupardin

Occupant Experience and Sustainability Lead, Saint-Gobain Sage Glass
Saint-Gobain Sage Glass

About Eloise Sok-Paupardin

Eloïse Sok-Paupardin is the Occupant Experience and Sustainability Lead at Saint- Gobain SageGlass. She holds a Double-Degree in the Engineering field from Ecole Centrale (France) and Tsinghua University (China). She provides scientific guidance and acts as a trusted advisor, and coordinates strategic research projects with internal multidisciplinary teams and external academic institutes. Her career growth has always been driven by her passion for science, her desire for continuous learning, and her fascination for sustainable architecture. Today, Eloise aspires to enhance public awareness on the impact of the indoor built environment on well-being and health, and share knowledge on best practices and innovative sustainable building solutions.

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