Pramod Jain


Pramod Jain is the Founder, and heads the operations at Creative Architects and Interiors (CAI), a multi-disciplinary architecture, interior and project management firm based in Chennai. Founded by Varsha Jain and Pramod Jain in 1996, the firm’s two-and-a-half decades of expertise extends to residential bungalows, mass housing, hospitality, commercial, healthcare, institutional, cultural and religious architecture. The firm has successfully delivered over 1000 projects to date across the country. Pramod is lauded for his work on large scale projects for public and private sectors, the central and state government of India and equally across various residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional typologies. He is responsible for CAI’s attention to detail and complexities, and his unique approach to design anomalies set the firm apart from its competitors. He drives collaboration, innovation and policy compliance, defining powerful, insightful, and high-quality work. He considers the contextual reality of any project site to be the primary building block of wholesome design. Gauging the natural milieu of the project, he makes prudent decisions in optimising the building economics of projects. He has made CAI a force to be reckoned with in the building industry, and public and private sectors. His business acumen and strong technical knowledge have been instrumental in making the firm what it is today. With a PGPCM degree from NICMAR Pune, he has over 27 years of operational skills in his repertoire. His expertise lies in integrating sustainable design into sensitive practices toward the environment. Moreover, he leads larger fit-outs and operations handled by the studio, including the PMC department. He is an Accredited Professional of the Indian Green Building Council.

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