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Priyanka Arjun

Founder & Principal Architect, Priyanka Arjun and Associates (PAA), Udaipur

About Priyanka Arjun

Priyanka Arjun is the founder of Priyanka Arjun and Associates (PAA), Udaipur. She has over 15 years of work experience in India and abroad. The Times of India has awarded her with the prestigious ‘Woman of Substance’ award for her work as a noted architect. PAA’s core strength lies in taking up bold ideas and deriving spaces around them.

All the projects by PAA are unique and innovative. PAA strongly believes in working out the best solutions suited to individual projects. The work spectrum ranges from huge eco-resorts to small terrariums. PAA has always incorporated sustainable initiatives into its projects. This includes making vernacular stone-lime buildings, a tradition of Udaipur city. Currently, they are working on IGBC and GRIHA rated Green Buildings.

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