Sathish Desai

Principal Architect

Ar. Sathish Desai brings with him a passion for design, both at the macro and micro levels. Be it ‘planning, architecture, or product design’ – functional aesthetics, minimalism and sensitive detailing elevate his spirit. He started his career as an architect in Pune in the year 1994. Later he moved to Gayathri and Namith Associates (GNA), Bangalore, where he did a wide range of architectural and interior design projects in a tropical context working with the various climatic zones of India. In 2013, Sathish founded Creo Concepts Architects to service architecture, interior & space design, and product design domains. Creo, a team of enthused young professionals, is based out of Bangalore, presently engaged in housing, institutional, commercial, retail and social projects spread across the country.

Articles By Sathish Desai