Surbhi Jindal

Founder & Lighting Design Head

As one of the very few architects in the country practicing lighting design, Surbhi Jindal is the Founder, Principal Architect & Lighting Design Expert at Da Light Hub Lighting Design & Consultancy, a multi-faceted lighting and interiors design firm based out of Mumbai, Delhi and the U.S., a consortium of highly experienced lighting design, interiors, architects, engineering and execution professionals. Having worked with Philips Lighting India, Future Group and other world-renowned international lighting practices like Studio Lumen and John Cullen, London on numerous projects globally, Surbhi Jindal has a very diverse and unique work experience with execution of very hi-end spaces and celebrity bungalows viz., Red Chilles Office, JSW Headquarters in Mumbai to name a few. She also spearheads the very first institute for skill development education in architectural lighting in India. She is a regular speaker and a panelist at many leading design events, conferences and awards across the globe.

Articles By Surbhi Jindal