Tony Rofail

Director and Principal

Tony Rofail has 33 years’ combined experience as both researcher and consultant in wind engineering, including 30 years with Windtech Consultants, an international wind engineering consulting firm established in Sydney in 1991 and currently having global office locations, with wind studies currently underway for projects in every continent. Tony has undertaken and supervised over 2500 wind tunnel investigations for various Masterplans, high-rise buildings, large roof and stadium building projects throughout the world, including all key markets in the Middle East and North Africa: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Libya. These include numerous landmark developments. Tony’s post-graduate research at the University of Sydney was on the subject of reliability of wind tunnel results for façade cladding pressures. Prior to this Tony’s research included a study of the effect of surrounding buildings on the interference excitation response of tall buildings. He is a key member of the committee responsible for the update of the Australia and New Zealand standards for wind actions on structures.

Articles By Tony Rofail