V.S. Vigneswar

Principal Architect

V.S.Vigneswar is a practicing architect and visiting faculty based in Chennai. He heads Architecture Plus Value, an award-winning architectural practice of high quality design repute. What defines A+V is the commitment to the idea of adding value through sensible design. A+V currently handles more than 1.5-million Sq ft of projects in Chennai, Bangalore and other places, many of which have received recognition in national and international platforms. Vigneswar completed his Bachelor’s degree in architecture from CEPT University, Ahmedabad and his Masters (MSc-Exchange) at T.U. Delft, The Netherlands. His work has been recognised by the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA Awards for Excellence 2016) and also published in various leading forums. Besides his practice, he has also served as a visiting faculty at some of the top architecture colleges in Chennai. (Website : www.aplusv. in, Phone : +91-9566157840)

Articles By V.S. Vigneswar