Vikram Rajashekhar

Co-founder & Principal Architect

As a co-founder/ Principal Architect of Cadence Architects, Vikram Rajashekhar brings technological insight and domain expertise into the architectural and interior design services at Cadence Architects. Directing all stages of design and construction processes across diverse project types and scales, he has been responsible for many award-winning, much accoladed projects at the Cadence studio. Adopting an inimitable approach to address functionality, innovation, while retaining the emotional aspect of the unique Cadence ethos, Vikram enables a distinctive design expression, that is contemporary yet rooted in context. Cadence started as a collaborative architectural practice by architects Narendra Pirgal, Vikram Rajashekhar and Smaran Mallesh in the year 2005. Having studied in the same school of architecture, they shared common design philosophy and vision. Driven by the intent to conceive neoteric environments, create affective spaces, and staging lifestyles, architecture at the Cadence Studio strives to spawn varied emotional responses and stage myriad lifestyles. In a candid interview, Ar. Vikram Rajashekhar spoke about his firm Cadence Architects, their recent projects, their perspective on innovative façade and fenestration designs, and on the use of innovative materials for façades and fenestration in order to achieve energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Here is the excerpt from the interview.

Articles By Vikram Rajashekhar