Discover the enduring allure of zinc-titanium cladding and roofing, a symbol of durability, sustainability, and unmatched aesthetic appeal. Crafted from a blend of 99.995% Zinc as per EN1179, 0.08-2% copper, 0.07-0.12% Titanium, this innovative alloy epitomizes architectural excellence.

From ancient civilizations to modern marvels, zinc has stood the test of time as a corrosion-resistant, weatherproof, and visually captivating metal. Mined from natural deposits and recycled with care, zinc embodies both heritage and sustainability. With zinc-titanium, architectural possibilities abound. Its malleability allows for seamless integration into diverse designs, from sleek minimalism to intricate curves. Embrace creativity with split tiles, angular seaming, or double seaming techniques, each imparting a unique character to your structure.


Adorn your project with the understated elegance of natural grey hues or explore the vibrant rainbow range for a top of personality. With organic pigments adding maroon brown, azul blue, verde green, ebano black, or rojo red, elZinc® offers a spectrum of possibilities. Experience peace of mind knowing that your zinc-titanium facade is not just beautiful but also built to last. Forming a natural carbonated patina finish by absorbing Carbon Dioxide and greenhouse gases, which protects the surface from corrosion and self-regenerates over time helping in removing scratches and ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance

Elevate your architectural vision while honouring the planet. With an eye towards environmental impact, zinc-titanium complies with regulations and boasts full recyclability, making it a responsible choice for the future. Whether rejuvenating historical landmarks or shaping modern skylines, let zinc-titanium be your partner in architectural innovation. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to sustainability, elZinc® invites you to join the journey towards timeless elegance.

Transform your vision into reality with elZinc®. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of zinc-titanium in your architectural projects.

Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation. Choose zinc-titanium for a future where beauty knows no bounds.

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