In a groundbreaking project, Holcim and PERI have successfully printed Switzerland’s first 3D-printed structure using COBOD’s BOD2 3D construction printer. The 150-square-meter showroom, designed for Kobelt AG, features a contemporary and sophisticated design. The walls of the structure, reaching a height of 6.2 meters, were printed in just three days using 60 cubic meters of Holcim’s newly developed concrete mix. The minimalist interior design combines painted concrete walls with wood elements.

Kevin Böhlen, Project Manager at Holcim Switzerland, expressed satisfaction with the project’s completion, stating, “We printed the showroom in eight printing days with a total of 60 m³ of concrete. There were several challenges, but these learnings will help us improve our workflow for future projects. A special thanks to everyone who helped us and supported us. Also, a big thanks to Kobelt AG for their trust in us to print the first onsite building in Switzerland.”

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder & General Manager of COBOD, praised the innovative concrete mix used in the project. He commented, “We congratulate Holcim on the development of the new 3D printable real concrete. For long we have been advocating printing with real concrete and not mortars, as the printing with mortars leads to the use of more cement, higher CO2 emissions, and costs. We need to lower the CO2 footprint of the construction sector, and this we can achieve by 3D printing material efficient design with real concrete, not mortars.”

The successful completion of this project marks a significant milestone in the construction industry, showcasing the potential of 3D printing technology in creating efficient and sustainable building designs. The experience gained from this venture is expected to streamline future projects, paving the way for broader adoption of 3D printing in construction.

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