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Amit Gupta & Britta Knobel Gupta

Founding Partners
Studio Symbiosis

About Amit Gupta & Britta Knobel Gupta

Co-founded by Britta Knobel Gupta & Amit Gupta, Studio Symbiosis is an architecture & de-sign studio based out of Stuttgart, Delhi and Mumbai involved in projects of various scales and sectors. The design philosophy of the studio is to create performance-driven architecture and designs. The Founding Partners of the studio are postgraduates from the prestigious AA school of architecture, London and have a combined professional experience of over 35 years. Post AA the founding partners worked at Zaha Hadid Architects London for a duration of around 5 years each. Studio Symbiosis has diverse experience in designing and executing projects of varying scales. Digital tools and techniques are embedded in the design philosophy to create an integrated approach from design to execution.

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