Agnes Koltay & Guillermo Fernandez

Director & Associate Senior Façade Consultant

Agnes Koltay, Director at Koltay Facades, holds a Masters in Architecture (Hungary, USA) and a Masters in Façade Engineering (UK). She has worked with award winning architects and international engineering offices, before starting her own façade engineering consultancy, Koltay Facades, in 2011, which is now one of the largest specialist practices in the Middle-East region. She has been based in Dubai, UAE since 2005, and worked on numerous high-rise projects. Current projects include Sky View, Fountain views, and Burj Vista in Dubai and many projects in Europe and Asia. Koltay Façades has opened their second office in Singapore in 2016.

Guillermo Fernandez is associate senior façade consultant at Koltay Façades office in Dubai. Obtaining his degree in architecture in the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he has specialized in the technical and detailing aspects of façade design and developed a particular expertise in complex façade geometries. Guillermo has been involved in the design and site installation of several high-profile projects from world renowned architects in Europe and the Middle East.


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