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Facade Design Pattern for Residential Houses


A façade usually refers to the exteriors of any built space, especially the front facade. With residential houses playing an important part in the urban fabric, it’s essential that the facade design pattern reflects the inner personality and character of the building.

Facade design or creating facade patterns however very interesting for an Architect/Designer, is also the most tedious and important process as it brings the built environment to life.

While choosing the perfect facade design or pattern for a residential house is essential, choosing the right materials and technique for the façade design is equally important. This is so because the front facade is what connects with the outer environment. It can be a busy street or a traffic-cladded primary road. This imposes major decisions on the building facade design.

Here are a few ways an Architect go about designing a facade pattern for Residential Houses –

Modern Glass Facade Design Pattern –

Glass Facade
Modern Glass Facade, Image by Viktor Birkus

While the brut and modern aspect of using glass as a material to give sleek look to residential houses has become very popular, it is necessary to understand the attributes of the material.

While it might look undeniably classy and modern, it also adds up to the energy consumption of the building and heated interiors. There are multiple variants available in the market from insulated, tempered, stained, and tinted glasses.

However, it is important for the designer to understand whether it is being used to enhance the facade design or the physical conditions of the house. And if yes, what are the conditions that will be affected such as heating patterns, and energy consumption that need be taken care of.

Planters for Front Facade –

Green Facade Design Pattern Green Front Facade, Image by Nara Figueiredo

While combating pollution is a major concern in the urbane world, it’s a designer’s responsibility to design facades that contribute too! Vertical gardens or planters are not only an intelligent way to make front facades breathe but also give a chic outlook to a building.

Play of Light in Modern Facade Design Patterns –

Lighting Facade Design Pattern Lighting Facade Design, Alfred Derks

Illuminance and inviting enough light into a room is a basic need of any built space. Then why not use it to create interesting front facade patterns?

These house is a perfect example of how chic can marry light movements to create interesting facade patterns throughout the day. One can even use perforated brickwork in combination with glass and woodwork to give a rustic look to the building facade.

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