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Importance of Facade Design in Architecture


Let’s take an example of what makes a product different from other products. The way it functions, aesthetics, appropriateness, context behaviour and much more. Similar is the case with a facade design or a building’s facade. Its function is to not only act as the external barrier between the inside and the outside but also have a character of its own and sit perfectly in a given context.

Facade Design
Image by Jose Cabeza from Pixabay

Importance Of Building Facade Design in Architecture –

1. Shield and barrier Against External Factors – It’s similar to clothing a human body, where we dress according to context. If the climate is harsh, the front facade design has to adapt to that situation, through materials, systems, techniques etc.

2. Value Addition and Identity – While a facade design is just the frontage of a building, it also reflects the personality of the design and the users. Having a building facade that’s unique and well thought out can give it mileage against buildings that are detrimental.

3. Natural Ventilation and Acoustic insulation – While a building facade is a barrier to the outside, it is also a mode of connection with the environment. Conforming to proper ventilation and good use of materials can give a good design as a desired output, which makes the building facade active in a context. Proving the proper amount of air changes and acoustic insulation thus becomes pivotal in front facade design.

Facade Design
Image by Giovanni Gargiulo

4. An important Role in Energy Efficiency – Other than providing comfort and aesthetics, any façade design is supposed to cater to the environment at large. One can think of how the building facade combats solar gain, the influx of wind etc. to have an energy-efficient façade.

Last but not least, any building façade is successful when it gives a sense of comfort to the users inside. This not only improves the living routines but also increases the productivity level of the users.

Thus a front facade design shall always remain active in different domains, one of which an Architect should always be aware.

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