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Mohamed Shamir Khader

Business Developer (India), WallVisionBV

About Mohamed Shamir Khader

Mohamed Shamir Khader has been associated with Wallvision B.V. since the start of 2017. Wallvision B.V. is a company that is in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and based in the façade and the fenestration industry. After being impressed by the high-tech innovation that happens in the Netherlands, Mohamed Shamir decided to learn more about the newest technologies in the Netherlands since 2015.

In his current role as a Business Developer, he manages the market activities and start-up operations in India. Along with his technical background in solar energy and his passion for architectural design, he is determined to support architects and the façade industry with knowledge, training, inspiration, and products for creating superb solar façades in India and Southeast Asia. For more details, contact – Collin Fernandez, collin@zigzagsolar. com

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