A home like any other living system, requires regular maintenance, renovation and care. If done with care and intricacy, it can help change the entire outlook of the existing spaces. Architectural Design can give those small tweaks to a home renovation.

Exterior Architectural Designs –

While most of us think of primarily renovating our interior spaces, the outside is as important as the inside. The overall street outlook of your home is the most appealing factor that can move all the eyeballs.

Exterior Architectural Design for Home Renovation

Enhance The Entrance – An entrance is a very playful element of any building that can be experimented with. Your home renovation can be initiated by re-looking at your entrance. Interesting cobblestone pathway, new lighting fixtures, a coat of paint and enhancing the entrance pathway with hedges and bushes can do for starters. Once in the process, you can go further ahead and add interesting surprise elements like a water body or small mounds

Transform The Landscape – While landscaping in a home renovation is only considered to give aesthetic value, there is much more to that. Carefully planning the landscape of your surroundings will not only help you in future but also help the local ecosystem.

Architecture and design can help in this by understanding what is indigenous to that area and planting trees, bushes that are more useful than just decorative. One can even plan for kitchen gardens or small garden beds for bushes and plants that can bear fruits.

Do Not Forget The Hardscape – While softscape can be appealing and comfortable, its combination will beautiful interventions in hardscape can be a game-changer. Think of a small gazebo or a small barbeque or a patio – someplace where all your family can gather for good times!

Interior Architectural Designs –

Surpassing the threshold of your beautifully renovated house, one needs to see the beautiful spaces that you have designed.

Let The Light In – There’s no great light than the natural one, and architecture design can come up with intelligent solutions to bring in light the right way! Opt for windows that let light get in but does not become harsh or uncomfortable. One more thing to consider in home renovation, are windows.

Give that small opening a deep sill and a ledge, which can be used for reading a book or keeping small indoor plants. For evenings and nights, one can also revamp the lighting fixtures!

Revisit The Paint – While most ideas can relate to changing the interiors, creating interesting architectural patterns, one should work with colours before changing the furniture. Keeping neutral paint colours can help you with the experimentation of different furniture, paintings and small elements which can be changed from tim

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