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Alfen Launches New Showroom in Indore


Alfen, a pioneer in the aluminium architectural industry, has ventured in Indore with a showroom at E-87, Anurag Nagar Extension, LIG link Road, Indore, launched on 31st January 2020. The showroom was inaugurated by Ar. Naeemuddin F. Qureshi, Chairman of IIID Indore regional chapter. IIID Indore chapter management committee and their distinguished members graced the auspicious occasion.

Alfen Showroom Indoor
The Alfen Showroom

Also, Ar. Anshuman Sharma, Chairman and Managing Committee of IIID-Jaipur Regional Chapter was present at the occasion. Additionally, legendary AR. Sanjay Kothari & AR. Rajinder Puri gave their valuable time bestowing their presence at the event.

The goal of the company is to satiate the needs of the Indians in perspective towards aluminium architectural fenestration products. The industry was not focused to fulfill the requirement of Indians residential and commercial architectural products.

Fenestration products were manufactured in India and sold under the name of many reputed brands, which also lead to cost inflation. Moreover, these products were based on standardised and universal implementation, whereas in our country with extreme climates and peculiar demands, it did not suit much.

Architect Naeemuddin F. Qureshi, Chairman of IIID Indore The new Alfen showroom at Indore was inaugurated by Ar. Naeemuddin F. Qureshi, Chairman of IIID Indore regional chapter, in the presence of many distinguished members

At Alfen, they worked backwards, diving deep, finding the exact requirement and molding the entire system exclusively to bring world-class designs and high-tech fenestrations for Indian needs and demands. Alfen plans, designs, manufactures and works as a company for India, delivering for our people. Alfen delivers excellence, functional and aesthetical solutions. The products manufactured here are a legacy, enduring, ergonomically designed and eco-friendly. Specialising in windows with minimal framework, create transitions as glass curtains. Alfen aluminium architectural fenestrations catered by the company include door, windows, retractable roofs, railings, pergolas and much more.

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