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Geze Wins the Award for Modern Door Technology


GEZE door technology solutions has been awarded with two new awards from the German Design Council. The TS 5000 SoftClose door closer has been declared the winner in the ‘Building fixtures’ category at the ICONIC Awards 2019: Innovative Interior. Besides, the FA GC 170 wireless extension for hold-open systems received a special mention in the ‘Building & Elements’ category at the German Design Awards.

The TS 5000 has a high final closing force, it helps doors close exceptionally securely and quietly, even in the face of wind or suction – for instance on underground garage access doors or stairwells. TS 5000 Softclose is the perfect solution for customers who want their doors to close quietly and securely, e.g. in hospitals, hotels and apartment buildings.

The expert jury have also honoured the new GEZE FA GC 170 wireless extension for hold-open systems with a ‘special mention’ in the ‘Building & elements’ category. This distinction is designed to honour work whose design includes exceptionally successful aspects or solutions.

Geze FA GC 170
Geze FA GC 170

Fire protection doors need to close securely and automatically when the smoke switch is activated in case of an emergency; hold-open systems make them more accessible. FA GC 170 is a much-welcomed retro-fitting solution that enables ceilingmounted smoke detectors and manual trigger switches on GEZE hold-open systems to connect wirelessly to the wireless module on the lintelm o u n t e d detector. This makes the door system an optimal solution if structural changes are undesirable or impossible, such as in listed buildings, because they allow the design to remain unchanged. The German Design Awards is a well-known premium international prize. The award is given on the basis of the design quality.

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