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Indian Façade and Fenestration Association is a first-of-its-kind Association formed by façade Industry leaders for self-regulation and up gradation of standards and best practices. Unlike any other association, IFFA is a Section-25 company, as per the Indian Companies Act, with Directors and Managing Committee.

The founders of the Association Mr. Deepak Das, Mr. Dev Chandwani, Mr. Syed Zakir Ahmed and Mr. Satish Kumar, with active support from Mr. Selvam Ramanathanhad an election conducted online by an International firm to selectthe 9 member, Managing Committee, wherein the members were elected by nearly 100 leading fabricators from across India in June 2013. The founders have vast experience in sales, marketing, distribution, design, fabrication, installation and project execution of doors, windows and facades.

Since the election, various committees have been formed and interaction with various stakeholders has been initiated. The Managing Committee comprises of the Who’s Who in the Indian Façade and Fenestration IndustryAluplex, Alufit, Alkarma, Alumayer, Chiniwalas, Geotrix, Glass Wall Systems, Kalco, Neel Enterpries, and Yantra systems.

Indian Façade and Fenestration Association strives to initiate the advancement of technology in the Facades and fenestration and related services by focusing on,

  1. Developing a façade standards guideline for the Indian Façade and Fenestration industry by adopting the best feasible standards from the existing Indian and International Standards.
  2. Legislate the guideline by engaging governmental bodies and publish the same for public use.
  3. Introduce Quality audits and control systems within the guidelines to empower the final users with a transparent process, which can eliminate and weed out sub-standard systems from the industry.
  4. To develop skill development and education plans for members and other interested persons in the said science through lectures, workshops, product presentations, and periodic publications.
  5. To encourage scientific research and test labs in this field.
  6. To plan and execute the training of trainers.

Our Progress:

  1. Conducted seminars around India to bring all IFFA initiatives to the public. Taking feedback from the public and industry stalwarts which were seriously taken up to IFFA guideline.
  2. Held discussions with façade industry supply chain stakeholders, like Extrusion suppliers and Glass manufacturers to enlighten and support the IFFA initiative by providing the best standards that can be followed by them and in turn by the Façade contractors.
  3. With a long road map, the head of IFFA is striving as a team to deliver the best possible systems to the industry.

Near future Events until year-end :

  • November- 2013:
    • Engaging selected façade consultant firms in India as advisory team to IFFA and seeking their expertise to endorse the IFFA- Guideline.
    • Meeting other stakeholders in the façade supply chain and engaging them to participate with best standards and advise to IFFA.
    • Review of 1st draft of the IFFA-Guideline.
  • December – 3013:
    • Launching the IFFA-Guideline 1st draft to the public at the Zak Doors and Windows expo in Mumbai.

Will continue building for the betterment of the Indian Façade and Fenestration industry….

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