Polycab Experience Centre

Polycab Experience Centre is located in Halol – the industrial hub of Gujarat, close to Vadodara. The project aims to bring 3 primary programs– a corporate office, Experience centre, and auditorium under one sustainable roof for the client who is one of India’s largest cable manufacturers. The geometry of the building intends to protect the existing trees on site. The auditorium floats above an atrium, connecting the office zone and experience centre, while the atrium connects to the factory behind. The double block configuration self-shades the central landscape court, while the conference room as a bridge connects the two blocks across the court. The basement G+3-storey office block houses the employees and amenities. The experience centre houses a museum of the company’s exhibits and conference facilities. The auditorium is accessible from both spaces.

Translating the Performative Design Of The Façade into an Aesthetic OneThe drop-off is at the shaded atrium, where the user can enter either the office or the experience centre. The atrium expresses curvilinear intersecting beams at the ceiling. The office has a triple height naturally lit entry lobby. The mural depicts the ‘Banyan tree’, characteristic of the local culture, and copper that carries energy inside a cable to create light. The mural is complemented by suspended glass leaves forming the chandelier on the roof. Each office floor overlooks the central atrium. The cafeteria on the top floor is naturally lit while overlooking the natural views. It has an accessible activity terrace above the conference bridge, overlooking the landscape. The landscape uses repurposed – cable packing trays that are locally available.

The project is designed to become a net-zero energy building. Façade design is a critical part of achieving the net-zero energy goal. Glazing is maximised on the east and south façades based on the vistas of the site. The west façade has minimal fenestrations as it is facing a factory. The glass used is specified as Low-E double glass to minimise thermal conductance. The south façade needs horizontal shading. The balcony overhangs horizontally shade the southern façade. The eastern façade needs vertical shading. This is provided by aluminium fins that are strategically designed to maximise views to hills on the east but cut a direct sun angle.

Polycab Experience Centre

This ensures optimum lux levels required for office spaces. The combined setup reduces the energy requirement of the building by 20% from the base case of unshaded regular glass. Lux levels at each work area were simulated using software to maintain the 300 lux necessary for office work for most times of the year. The light levels were tested post-construction to ensure daylight is sufficient for work close to 10 months in a year.


The solar panel system on the roof designed for 195KW capacity offsets 40% of all energy needs of the building. The additional solar panels laid on a neighbouring factory of the same project, aspire to offset the other 60% of the energy needs, thereby making it a true net-zero building. 70% of all construction materials involved were procured within a 100km radius to limit embodied energy.

FHD IndiaEfficient water fixtures and rainwater wells reduce the water need of the building by 30%. There are several outdoor spaces, that can be used at different times of the day. The drop-off atrium is a spillover from the entry lobby and experience centre. The central courtyard is shaded for most times of the day barring noon. The terrace above the bridge conference room is treated green to be an efficient spillover terrace from the cafeteria. The green in front of the building is effectively used in the evenings when employees can spend time. The water well humidifies the microclimate in otherwise dry weather. There is a terrace area under the solar panel for small events and activities, shaded by the panels above.

Overall, the building translates the performative design of the façade into an aesthetic one, that lends a unique character to the project.


  • Project: Polycab Experience Centre
  • Location: Halol, Gujarat
  • Architects: FHD India
  • Director-Design: Mathan Ramaiah
  • Lead Architect: Sriram Ramakrishnan
  • Team: Shageer Khatri, Sundar, Dhurgai Kumaran
  • Contractor: Vikram Builders
  • Landscape Design: Kiasma
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing: Eco First Services Limited
  • Façade: Alustruct Glazing
  • Site Area: 2.5 Acres
  • Built-up Area: 100000 Sq ft
  • Completed in Year: 2022
  • Photographs: Shamanth Pati

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