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Indian Surface Finish Scenario & Understanding the Role of Qualindal


India is approaching a fast lane growth in construction sector in which huge role is played by architectural aluminium. More than 5000 coaters/anodizers cater to the surface finish requirements of the architectural aluminium

To understand the current situation, let’s consider the involved parties:

  • Architects/Specifiers/Owners
  • Applicators
  • Coating Manufacturers

An architect or building owner expects a building built to specification at an agreed price and delivered at the agreed time i.e. Coatings to look good protect the investment and last as long as possible, while an applicator’s endeavor is to coat and deliver parts at the agreed price and time, making maximum use of their facilities. The coating manufacturer at the same time strives to supply coatings to the applicator which will be applied to an agreed specification and give desired performance as well as customer satisfaction.

The big question is “DO ALL THE EXPECTATIONS MATCH?”
The current situation in many ways is a compromise. Lack of specifications and standard practices result in a huge gap between productivity and performance.

How does Qualicoat help

Qualicoat has laid down certain specifications which cover the complete range of pre-requisites for rendering a perfect coating vis-à-vis

  • The Coating System
  • Surface Preparation
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Drying/curing/over-coating Times
  • Inspection Requirements

QUALICOAT is a global quality label organization formed in 1986 as a not for profit association to raise and standardize the level of quality, laying down rules applying to aluminium coating industry. Since then it is pioneer in labeling and standardization of architectural aluminium surface finish and is represented in more than 30 countries through General Licensees. For Indian subcontinent QUALINDAL shall take the responsibility of General Licensee


To provide best practice rules to obtain a good quality coating on aluminium

  • Establishing specifications for processes, products and tests to be used by the coating plants.
  • Developing and improving these specifications.
  • Granting licenses to coating plants that apply for the quality label.
  • Testing and approving chemicals and coating products to be used.
  • Monitoring the correct application of the specifications in licensed plants.


  • To establish and maintain quality labels, to secure the proprietary rights therein in India and to assume the management of same.
  • To sign license agreements with applicators.
  • To ensure that such agreements function properly and are harmonized in India.
  • To harmonize the methods and processes used in the paint and coating industry, this may include the creation of a standard.
  • To disseminate and promote these technologies.

Activities of Qualindal

Qualindal held its general body meeting on 31st of October in hotel Orchid, Mumbai where 35 pre-registered members met and discussed about the developmental activities and planned the initiatives to be taken for the Indian market for the coming Calendar year. This meeting marked the official launch of QUALINDAL with selection of a 12 member Executive committee and a 6 member technical member.

Further in its Endeavour to generate awareness about importance of standardization and quality for surface finish, Qualindal shall be a key participating member in QUALICOAT ZAK Surface Symposium on 12th December 2013 at MMRDA Exhibition Complex, Mumbai.


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