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55 HX® from Alvance – Premium Aluminium Anodising Quality


For over 30 years, Alvance technical experts provide innovative aluminium solutions optimised for architectural applications. Alvance produces high-quality aluminium coils, strips, and sheets with excellent surface quality and deformation properties. The innovation centre located in Duffel, Belgium, develops durable and specialized products and solutions in collaboration with the customer’s unique requirements. This helps in 2 fold ways. It meets the demand of the customers and also helps in improving the overall processes for the building and construction segment.

The key benefits of using 55HX® premium aluminium anodised from Europe are:

  • Audi showroom at Bratislava, Slovakia
    Audi showroom at Bratislava, Slovakia

    Colour uniformity across various batches.

  • Corrosion, UV and scratch resistant after anodising
  • Excellent deformation properties
  • Very good bending properties
  • Outstanding durability
  • Easy cleaning
  • 100% recyclable
  • Non-combustible (European Fire Class A1)
    Anodising can be done in a natural shade or a combination with colour. Reference projects worldwide illustrate the usage of 55HX® successfully for inside and outside cladding of the buildings. The architectural applications are numerous.
  • Facades; Wall cladding; ceilings; roofs; balconies; pillars; escalator casing

Alvance has developed a stock programme to meet short delivery times. All the material that is processed through the mill undergoes stringent quality checks and processes with a special focus on traceability. 55HX® is branded with a special foil and marked with a black ink stencil at the non-visible side of anodising quality sheets. After etching and anodising it leaves a kind of braille text on the surface that is readable. This ensures traceability of mill origin during the whole life cycle of the product.

New Rezo Building, Paris using Alvance Aluminium Products
New Rezo Building, Paris using Alvance Aluminium Products

Because of their experience in aluminium in all major sectors, the Alvance group of experienced engineers and metallurgists are involved and with their know how, they can advise on the optimum chemical composition and mechanical properties of the alloy. The 55HX® production from casting through rolling is kept within strict tolerances and closely monitored during the entire production process. This provides the aluminium with perfect surface quality consistent in colour and gloss.

Furthermore, 55HX® is classified as Euroclass A1, the highest standard in the European classification system for materials.

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