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Anti-Microbial Benefits of Aludecor Copper Composite Panels


Aludecor Copper Composite Panels (CCP)promise to offer anti-microbial, antivirus and anti-bacterial benefits while also imparting a luxurious and premium quality appearance. Aludecor is the first Indian company to have introduced CCP in the Indian Metal Cladding Industry. The top layer of the Copper Composite Panel is made of Copper, while the bottom layer is made of Aluminium. The CCP can also be customized to fire-retardant grades for enhanced fire safety. The CCP is an excellent choice for institutions and buildings where health and safety are the top priorities.

The omnipresence of Copper throughout the different periods of civilizations has presented to us the inseparable importance of metal in human society. From being praised for its malleability, high electrical and thermal conductivity to being a potent trace element in the human alimentary system, Copper has showcased its multi-faceted personality.

Aludecor Copper Composite Panels

A US-based study has revealed that Copper surfaces can reduce the rate of contamination and infection by up to 58%. Ancient Indian civilization insisted upon using copper in one’s daily routine from the Vedic age. The use of copper was also celebrated amongst the Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and Aztecs. Due to Copper’s anti-fungal and anti-microbial benefits, it was always used to promote health and youthful beauty.


So how do Copper Surfaces of Copper Composite Panels work?

Copper surfaces annihilate microbes faster. When a microbial particle ends up on a Copper surface, electrically charged particles, the Copper ions, start to work by hindering the cell respiration of the microbial body. Copper ions puncture bacterial cell membranes, and viral coats are destroyed to expose and diminish the RNA or DNA. Copper ions kill virus bodies at such a fast rate that the virus bodies never get any chance to mutate or grow resistant to the Copper surfaces.

Furthermore, Copper ions also resist bacteria from transferring immune genes to other bacteria cells. Once the Copper ions come in contact with the bacterial body, the latter releases Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide reacts with the Copper ion to produce reactive Oxygen, which directly kills the multiplying bacterial cells. Thanks to these properties, Copper surfaces are being used exhaustively in hospitals, industrial kitchens, and the pharmaceutical industry. Copper surfaces are proven to resist ESKAPE pathogens as well as MRSA. Besides, Copper surfaces are an excellent choice to be installed in high traffic areas. Copper surfaces showed a 90% reduction in live microbial bodies in busy hospitals that see a considerable amount of touch surfaces and traffic all year long.

COPPER IN THE TIMES OF CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC The new COVID-19 Coronavirus shows a lifespan of 4 hours on Copper surfaces – lesser than that on steel, plastic, or cardboard surfaces. It is thus favorable to install Copper surfaces in medical wards, intensive care units, high transfer, and high-risk zones such as airports, railway stations, and gyms. The similar structure of microbes such as the Norovirus and the Influenza virus can be wiped out easily by Copper surfaces.

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