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Selsil Sealants
Effective and Efficient Glazing

Avondzon Residential Care Centre, Flanders, Belgium Avondzon, a renowned Belgian geriatric care fac

Pushing the Barriers of…

As an athlete is always taught to push barriers, break their own limits and focus on excellence, the

Sky View at United…

The Address Residence Sky View is a hotel and residence, having twin-tower complex of about height 2

Opus – A Beautiful…

Depending on the viewing angle, the appearance of the Opus glass building oscillates between a hollo

AIKYA, Bangalore

Typically a commercial complex, AIKYA Bangalore is conceived as a generic glass box or clad with mat

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Designed to Minimise Embodied…

Altius is a multi-storied residential apartment building in Kolkata (West Bengal) developed by Harmo

Festival Plaza – A…

The Festival Plaza project is a mall (retail and commercial development) located within a planned mi

Expo Hotel, Astana, Kazakhstan

Developing the hotel façade was an opportunity to respond to such new Iconic central piece for Asta

Energy Hall, Kazakhstan

The Energy Hall is placed towards the center of the 25 hectare expo site, just in front of the Kazak

The National Congress Hall,…

The Congress Hall envelope details were designed to enhance the insulation value far beyond minimum

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WFM Media - Connecting Facade & Fenestration Industry Globally
Supply of Fresh Air…

In renovation or new construction, the emphasis nowadays is very much on advanced insulation and air

Making Of Omkar 1973…

Rising majestically above the city and the Arabian Sea, Omkar 1973 stands as the tallest residential

Façade Design Approach for…

Design of appropriate building façade plays a very important role for healing in health care projec