Art-N-Glass, India’s leading glass processor, showcased their groundbreaking, revolutionary glass canvas project and an impressive six-meter door and slider at the recent ACETECH exhibition held in New Delhi. This marks the first time such an extensive door and slider have been exhibited at an event in India, setting a new standard in the industry.

Swapnil Pathak, Director, and the visionary behind the glass canvas project at Art- N-Glass, shared the inspiration behind this unique endeavor. Recognising the limited exploration of glass as a material in architectural design, Art-N-Glass collaborated with ten top designers to conceptualise designs exclusively using glass. The result was the glass canvas project, an ode to the limitless potential of glass as a material. Swapnil expressed his passion for glass, emphasizing its significance not just in India but on a global stage. The project, completed within an impressive 72 hours, aims to encourage other companies to explore the boundaries of glass in their respective cities.

Adding to the showcase, Satvik Pathak, Director and Art-N-Glass’s main designer, introduced the six-meter door and slider. Motivated by the need to bridge luxury and technology, Satvik emphasised the reinvention of traditional sliders and doors. The showcased products feature cutting-edge technology, allowing a 1,000 kg slider to be effortlessly operated with just one hand in a temporary structure. The six-meter door, a mere 32mm thick, exemplifies a seamless blend of technology and vision, showcasing the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

ACETECH exhibition held in New Delhi

Satvik highlighted the global perspective that inspired these innovations, noting that Art-N-Glass observed exhibitions worldwide but found nowhere a slider as massive as the six-meter one they unveiled. The company takes pride in being the sole indigenous producer in India capable of manufacturing such products, differentiating themselves from others who import technology from the West.

Art-N-Glass’s remarkable ability to erect and demonstrate the functionality of these colossal structures in just three days reflects their commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. The team envisions a future where six-meter heights and beyond become commonplace, with Art-N-Glass leading the way in designing and manufacturing groundbreaking glass and aluminium products.

As the ACETECH exhibition drew to a close, Art-N-Glass left an indelible mark on the industry, sparking inspiration and redefining possibilities for glass and aluminium in architectural design. The company’s ambitious projects, coupled with their dedication to innovation, position them as pioneers in the field, promising a future of even more extraordinary creations.

For more details on the product, contact:

Art N Glass Inc.
1/118, W.H.S., Kirti Nagar, Near Fire Station, New Delhi
Contact: 011 47 630 400

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