Please shed some light on the evolution of Technal in India and the company’s journey in the country.

Technal started 25 years ago in India as “Hydro Building Systems”, and actively promoting the Domal Range of Products to our customers in India. Over time, it has evolved and today we are selling a wide range of fenestration solutions under the brand name of TECHNAL®, We have grown from strength-to-strength, and have doubled our team, increased our warehouse space, and very recently inaugurated our state of-the-art showroom in India, in Bangalore, where the customers can get a first-hand touch and feel of our products and offerings.

Tell us about the range of Technal products available in India.

Altair, Sri Lanka project by Technal
Altair, Sri Lanka

Technal offers an exhaustive range of products from the most basic doors & windows to the latest Innovative products like slim sliders to cater to a wide range of architectural needs and demands of the Indian market. We also offer innovative façade solutions with European technology made in India for the most complex façade jobs. Some special products for safety and security viz burglar resistant, fire resistant, and bullet & blast proof doors/windows and façades are also available. All our products have been very popular amongst the architects and very well accepted in the Indian market. All products are tested as per Indian standards before it is commercialised in the market, making us amongst the most preferred suppliers of architectural aluminium systems.

What are the USPs of your products?

All of our products – sliders, doors, casements or be it façades are engineered in Europe and are produced locally in India. The Technal products are designed in such a manner that they complement each other, making it aesthetically appealing to the end client and architects. One of the main focus for Technal in India is sustainability. As a group, we are committed to reduce our carbon footprint by 30% by 2030. This is equivalent to almost 4 million tons of CO2 equivalent. In India, we would like to contribute to our sustainability goals by promoting products which are highly energy efficient and can contribute to a circular economy. Technal has a wide range of thermally enhanced windows, doors and façade systems which can help contribute to 30 – 40% savings in electricity consumption and contribute to high levels of user comfort.

Ascendas IT Park, Pune, India Furthermore, Technal windows, doors and façade systems are now available with Hydro CIRCAL alloy which has a minimum of 75% certified post-consumer recycled content. By using post-consumer recycled aluminium in windows, doors and facades, buildings can reduce carbon emissions by 75% and energy consumption by 95% compared to normal bauxite extraction and refinement. With the combination of superior design, strong engineering support, energy efficient products and a passion of circularity, Technal products are positioned to cater to the needs of the Indian consumer of today and tomorrow.

Floor to ceiling slim sliders and customised trapezoidal windows – Altair, Sri Lanka
Floor to ceiling slim sliders and customised trapezoidal windows – Altair, Sri Lanka

Tell us about your manufacturing facilities

Technal offers architectural aluminium systems for windows, doors and facades and highest level of quality of the products is maintained and ensured. To achieve this, Technal works with network of authorised extruders in the region who are regularly audited to ensure they meet the high stringent quality requirements of Technal. Furthermore, Technal in India is equipped with 17,500 sq ft warehouse where all the fast moving profiles, accessories and fittings are stocked and efficiently distributed to our 75+ authorised approved installers across India.

Tell us about Technal’s New Experience Center in Bengaluru.

Technal’s recently inaugurated state-of-the-art showroom in Bangalore
Technal’s recently inaugurated state-of-the-art showroom in Bangalore

In today’s fast-paced times, most stakeholders usually prefer to come once and would like to see all the product offerings under one roof. This was the thought process of having a unique & state-of-the-art showroom in the heart of Bangalore. What better place than MG Road which is very popular and easily accessible and in the centre of the city. The showroom offers an exciting user interactive experience where all the latest products are displayed and the customers can touch and feel the products. This process helps to reassure the customer and they have the utmost satisfaction before making a final decision.

Tell us about your company’s distribution/dealer network and after-sales service.

Technal works with more than 75 approved installers in India, and each one of them are well trained on our products. We also offer special training to our partners for any special products to ensure absolutely the best quality to our customers. The company maintains stock of all regular moving spares in our well-equipped warehouse in order to ensure minimum down time to our customers.

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

Team Technal
Team Technal

We have a long term plan for India, and our clear strategy is to keep building on our strengths and keep adding more and more interesting projects to our portfolio. We also have plans to focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets with our cost effective solutions, and expand our foot print without compromising on the quality. Our vision is to be first choice of preferred sustainable system provider and provide a seamless experience to all stakeholders. While we do all this, our focus on employees who are our core of all things we do, will remain.

For more details on the products, contact:

Office 201, 202 & 209,
2nd Floor, Prestige Meridian-1 No. 29,
M.G Road, Bangalore 560 001
T: +91 80 46654001
Virtual Showroom:

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