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Latest Porcelain Slabs from CMC


Classic Marble Company (CMC) has introduced its latest porcelain slabs , offering – Calacatta Nero. Launched under the Quadra range of design surfaces, the Calacatta Nero is a sombre white slab that has been rendered a splash of grey. The shiny polished porcelain slabs has a thickness of only 12 mm and is available in 3000 X 1500 mm size, apt for wall-cladding and façade applications. The black and white amalgam creates dramatic patterns forming a beautiful background for contemporary decor.

CMC, through a strategic tie-up with the Indonesian tiles maker PT Quadra ‘Dinamika Internasional’, is offering the Indian market a new hi-tech, extra-large format, porcelain slab product.

Quadra is a very popular product in the international markets and is admired by the architectural world for its superior quality and versatility. Quadra is a homogeneous full body design, which has edges in the same finish and looks like the upper surface of the slab. This allows the slab to be installed at any angle, as the designs on its cross-section remain visible, maintaining visual continuity.

This unique feature enables architects to bring consistency in designs. Ideal for wall-clad installation, the products can be used in diverse interior areas including building façades.

The material is non-porous and is completely resistant to chemicals, scratching and fire, hence, its outer surface remains protected and unaffected even during harsh weather conditions ensuring its longevity. Its end-to-end uniform thickness makes the installation process extremely smooth, causing no gaps or uneven impressions between the joints enhancing the exterior appearance of the structure. Made using environmentally friendly, sustainable material, the Quadra slabs have maximum strength and durability and are low on maintenance.

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